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Operation Manager’s Responsibilities

1.Responsibilities include risk management assessments, as well as ensuring Compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines regarding emergency and security.

2.The operation manager also will serve as liaison with local law enforcement to assist investigations of accidents, thefts, and property loss.

3.Operation Manager will hire, train, and coordinate work schedules of all security personnel to ensure a secure environment at all locations and all times.

4.Operation Manager will establish security objectives, goals, processes, and plans in support of divisional and corporate strategic directions.

5. Operation Manager is responsible for advising and counseling management on their compliance posture to all division and corporate standards.

6. Sound judgment is required as decisions made are often major and affect relationships with customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees.

7. Operation Manager must have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of asset and information protection principles necessary to plan and implement security programs and solutions in support of the business.

8. Operation Manager Must have strong management presentation and negotiation skills as well as proven experience in organizing and directing staff/team work and coordinating such activities to a successful conclusion.

9. Frequent contact to exchange information with all levels of line, regional and corporate management, as well as external relationships.

10. Requires strong analytical and problem solving skills to review, evaluate, recommend changes and/or develop and implement new programs as requirements and customer needs change.

11. Must have the skill and ability to conduct and/or support sensitive investigations involving company personnel, assets, and/or proprietary information.

12. Must have ability to develop unique solutions that balance the needs of the business without loss or compromise of company assets.


* Ability to work in a client-focused role within a fast pace environment

* Personal initiative in developing efficient work processes.

* Ability to discipline/address any violation of company policy in a respectful and professional manner

* Strong leadership demeanor and skills

* Strong organizational and analytical skills; ability to handle multiple tasks. High level of accuracy required

* Strong Customer Service and Communications skills

* English Proficiency (e.g., reading, writing, speaking, listening)
* Mental Abilities (e.g., visual observation and identification, mental rotation)

* Work Values ( e.g., responsibility, honesty, integrity)

* Interpersonal Skills (e.g., customer service, dependability)


* Must have a high school diploma, or equivalent;

* Minimum of 30 college credit hours

* Current Florida Security "D" License holder


* At least 2 years of supervisor experience in the security industry;
* Supervisor or managerial experience;

Job Requirements 

Job Experience

·         Supervisory experience with hourly employees

·         Two-to-five years in the contract security industry or similar operational environment

·         Track record with simultaneous accountability for at least 15 different customer locations

·         Evidence of success working with large numbers of employees from diverse backgrounds

·         Ability to delegate site-specific duties to on-site supervisory staff

·         Background in successful recruiting hourly employees

·         Excellent exposure to fast-paced, constantly changing workplace

·         Exposure to budgets and basic job pricing

·         Relationship-development job responsibilities

·         History of employee retention, based on recognition programs and open feedback


·         Strong English writing and speaking, for standard communications and incident reporting

·         Able to multi-task and prioritize different activities based on providing superior customer service

·         High integrity and honesty

·         Ability to interview, hire, train and assign employees to work locations best-suited to the employee’s

          background, skills, access to transportation and client requirements

·         Planning ability, so that each client location is inspected at least once per week

·         Ability to speak Spanish is helpful, but not required

·         Dexterity with a computer and basic applications

·         24/7/365 availability


·         High school degree; college, police or military training preferred

·         Clean criminal record

·         Drug-Free

·         Strong references from prior employers

·         Safe driving record