LASI recognizes its role as a provider of security services as a duty. We provide the same high level of quality service to every client. We recognize that the need for a safe and secure environment is the right of everyone. It is our job to provide that service every place and all the time. Lasi Security Company, Inc (LASI) provides the following services for all its clients:

·      Qualified Personnel during the hours of required coverage.

·      Experienced Supervisors to perform regular inspections of the client's site and supervise the operation and actions of each assigned officer.

·      Availability of a security consultant when necessary and/or desired.

·      Office and Technical support for scheduling personnel and other advisory needs.

·      Liaison between client and Law Enforcement agencies for any activities involving criminal incidents occurring on the client's property.

·      Customized post orders and a clear, concise officer protocol instructional manual for personnel assigned to the site.

·      Carefully maintained logbooks, incident reports, and other such documents/records as required by the client's individual needs.

·      Long term and Short term Security Guard services.

We offer security for virtually any type of building or commercial facility. Contact us for a detailed and in-depth discussion about your security needs.

·         High Rise buildings,    

·         Hotels 

·         Museums

·         Retail stores

·         Art galleries

·         Factories

·         Commercial

·         Industrial buildings

·         Construction sites

·         Office buildings